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CSS property has been blocked

I've builded banner for my home page and I want to hide a few HTML element in the responsive mode. When I run it on chrome browser and then I got an issue. This is css property which has been blocked by another css class. I can't figure it out where this css class is ? Anybody can help me to give me solution?

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I agree with Cheslab, I think this is inline style resulting from javascript.

css with a viewport property will show its source of the top right side of the style section in the console.

Try putting in any css file:

img.imgSGHN {display:none;}

If this doensn't make any changes, you should be able to override the inline style by adding "!important" (not recommended) in your custom style.

img.imgSGHN {display:none!important;}

will get rid of .imgSGHN element.

The best way to approach the problem would be finding the script where it creates the inline css style and changing its behavior. Simply making it not override "display: " property will do.

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