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Javascript Question

How can I setup webstorm to automatically add semi-colons to javascript functions, methods, etc

When I write Javascript, I use semi-colons. However when I write in webstorm/phpstorm, it auto completes braces and brackets, but doesn't auto-add a semicolon. Yes I know that isn't required per the standards, blah blah, but that's the way that I code -- and I'm not alone, many people code this way...


var data = $.ajax({});

Normally, webstorm/phpstorm will do this, and leave the cursor inside the curly braces:

var data = $.ajax({})

All in the world that I want is to not have to add the semicolon manually and have it just auto-complete as I noted in my first example.

Any ideas?

Answer Source

There is no way to insert it automatically, you need to use the Complete Statement action (Ctrl+Shift+Enter).

You also need to check that Use semicolon to terminate statements option is enabled in Settings | Code Style | JavaScript | Other tab.

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