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How do I call an API Gateway with Cognito credentials in Python

I've managed to setup an API Gateway secured with Cognito. The unauthenticated user role has an access policy that should grant it access to the gateway. I've also managed to use boto3 to retrieve an identity ID from the pool and obtain the associated open ID token, as well as the associated secret and access keys.

How do I now make a call to the gateway using these credentials? Is there a way to use boto3 to handle signing a request to a particular method on the API?

Answer Source

The following code (and the requests-aws4auth library) did the job:

import boto3
import datetime
import json
from requests_aws4auth import AWS4Auth
import requests

identity = boto3.client('cognito-identity', region_name='us-east-1')


response = identity.get_id(AccountId=account_id, IdentityPoolId=identity_pool_id)
identity_id = response['IdentityId']
print ("Identity ID: %s"%identity_id)

resp = identity.get_credentials_for_identity(IdentityId=identity_id)
secretKey = resp['Credentials']['SecretKey']
accessKey = resp['Credentials']['AccessKeyId']
sessionToken = resp['Credentials']['SessionToken']
expiration = resp['Credentials']['Expiration']

print ("\nSecret Key: %s"%(secretKey))
print ("\nAccess Key %s"%(accessKey))
print ("\nSession Token: %s"%(sessionToken))
print ("\nExpiration: %s"%(expiration))

method = 'GET'
headers = {}
body = ''
service = 'execute-api'
url = '' % api_prefix
region = 'us-east-1'

auth = AWS4Auth(accessKey, secretKey, region, service, session_token=sessionToken)
response = requests.request(method, url, auth=auth, data=body, headers=headers)
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