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Javascript Question

How do you get some value in the the middle of userInput

For example, I just want to get the ID which is at the end How do I do that?

function ()
var userInput = document.getElementById("1").value;
window.alert("Your id is " + userInput
<input id="1" type="text" value="my id is 1743876">

Answer Source

document.getElementById("1").value.split(' ').pop(); should do it.

split(' ') breaks a string up into an array of strings using the delimiter you pass it (in this case a space: ' ').

pop() returns the last element of an array.



As Gary said, for more complex needs, you should use a regular expression function like match().

var matches = document.getElementById("1").value.match(/(\d+)/);
matches[0]; // contains the match


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