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Python Question

Babel date_format returning 2016 for 2017 date

I'm trying to display the date formatted for the specified language and I'm little surprised to see that:

babel.dates.format_date(date(2017,1,1), 'MMM Y')

gives the expected value which is:

u'Jan 2017'


babel.dates.format_date(date(2017,1,1), 'MMM Y', locale='fr_FR')

gives me:

u'janv. 2016'

Why is it 2016 not 2017?

Answer Source

This is because Y is giving you the week year. You need to use yyyy to get what you expect.


print format_date(date(2017,1,1), 'MMM yyyy')

print format_date(date(2017,1,1), 'MMM yyyy', locale='fr_FR')

Jan 2017
janv. 2017
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