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Python Question

Is there any reason to list standard library dependencies when using setuptools?

I've gone down the Python packaging and distribution rabbit-hole and am wondering:

Is there ever any reason to provide standard library modules/packages as dependencies to
when using

And a side note: the only
docs I have found are terrible
. Is there anything better?


Answer Source

No — In fact, you should never specify standard modules as setup() requirements, because those requirements are only for downloading packages from PyPI (or VCS repositories or other package indices). Adding, say, "itertools" to install_requires will mean that your package will fail to install because its dependencies can't be satisfied because there's (currently) no package named "itertools" on PyPI. Some standard modules do share their name with a project on PyPI; in the best case (e.g., argparse), the PyPI project is compatible with the standard module and only exists as a separate project for historical reasons/backwards compatibility. In the worst case... well, use your imagination.

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