Aaron Aaron - 1 year ago 62
ASP.NET (C#) Question

<%$, <%@, <%=, <%# ... what's the deal?

I've programmed in both classic ASP and ASP.NET, and I see different tags inside of the markup for server side code.

I've recently come across a good blog on MSDN that goes over the difference between:

  • <%=
    (percentage together with equals sign) and

  • <%#
    (percent sign and hash/pound/octothorpe)

is evaluated only at databind, and
is evaluated at render), but I also see:

  • <%$
    (percent and dollar sign) and

  • <%@
    (percent sign and at symbol).

I believe
loads things like assemblies and perhaps
loads things from config files? I'm not too sure.

I was just wondering if anyone could clarify all of this for me and possibly explain why it's important to create so many different tags that seemingly have a similar purpose?

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