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CSS Question

Eclipse formatting cause css stop work

I have following css in my style.css:

//some properties

Now, when i use eclipse formatting, eclipse make space between 'not' and parenthesis and i get smth like this:

.btfl-alert-warning:not (.selectize-control ):not (.selectize-dropdown-content
):not (.selectize-dropdown ) {


After using formatter second time it looks much worse, but the point is after adding this 'space' this selector just stop work. I checked all css formatter options in eclipse but nothing helped me.

Do you have any idea how to prevent ruin this css?

jgr jgr
Answer Source

I ended up using additional css file called style_do_not_format.css which contains only that css and comment about not formatting this file because it cause css to stop work.

In my style.css file i use

@IMPORT url("style_do_not_format.css");
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