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iOS Question

Provision Profile doesn't include signing certificate

I've updated Xcode to 8, since than I can't run my project.

I tried to enable/disable "Automatically manage signing" option but keep on getting 2 alerts:

  1. your app id "..." cannot be registered to your development team.

  2. provision profile "..." doesn't include signing certificate "my signing certificate"

Im the team Agent on our developer portal I can see my user certificate and all seems to be valid.
When I go to Xcode -> Preferences -> Account, I can see our team account attached to all our team provision profiles, but in my personal certificate I can't see any provisioning profiles attached.

How can I add the missing provision profile to my personal certificate and why this happens?

I follow the link with no help.

Answer Source

to solve the issue I had to remove all the login keys from my keychain access under certificate category. now I have only 2 login keys, Team certificate and my private certificate.

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