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Why get a response of 200 but not showing message body in the endpoint client with KAA

I try with Kaa Sandbox (curl command and UI) for using send notification with Json file.

My problem is :

when I using json file why not showing message body in the client endpoint (Notification demo (JAVA SDK) ?! , While I receive 200 responses.

Hint: sdk according to related schema.

Answer Source

I found the right solution.

1- Make sure that your sdk related to schemaId

2- Make sure structure of your schema just given an message field:

"type": "record",
"name": "Notification",
"namespace": "org.kaaproject.kaa.schema.example",
"fields": [
        "name": "message",
        "type": "string"


3- and your json file :

  "message" : "Hello world!"

4- your curl command should be according to related schemaId and topicId and applicationId

For show to you: This is my json file: enter image description here

Then this is response in client:

enter image description here

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