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Python code to convert from objectSid to SID representation

I want to retrieve base64 encoded objectSid from an LDAP query to an Active Directory database and convert them to the standard SID representation. Can you please give me a Python snippet that does that?

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This should do the trick:

def convert(binary):
    version = struct.unpack('B', binary[0])[0]
    # I do not know how to treat version != 1 (it does not exist yet)
    assert version == 1, version
    length = struct.unpack('B', binary[1])[0]
    authority = struct.unpack('>Q', '\x00\x00' + binary[2:8])[0]
    string = 'S-%d-%d' % (version, authority)
    binary = binary[8:]
    assert len(binary) == 4 * length
    for i in xrange(length):
        value = struct.unpack('<L', binary[4*i:4*(i+1)])[0]
        string += '-%d' % (value)
    return string

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