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Confusion about passing instance variables to redirect_to method. As seen in Rails Guides

I am studying the ruby on rails guides namely, the "layouts and rendering" topic at

I am confused about passing an instance variable to a

method. How is this possible? I thought
would be relevant for redirecting to another webpage or a url.

In the examples given on the guide it says the following:

2.2.2 Rendering an Action’s View

If you want to render the view that corresponds to a different action
within the same template, you can use render with the name of the

def update
@book = Book.find(params[:id])
if @book.update_attributes(params[:book])
render "edit"

The render "edit" makes complete sense, its going to render that new form again. But what in the world is going on with
? What exactly is that going to render and how is a book object going to be redirected to? BTW, the book model has columns, Name, author, pages etc...

Answer Source

redirect_to documentation

redirect_to(options = {}, response_status = {}) Redirects the browser to the target specified in options. Record - The URL will be generated by calling url_for with the options, which will reference a named URL for that record.

So when one does redirect_to(@book) @book is a specific record with an id .

Thus, the associated records (in this case @book) show method is used as a template.

In addition to above, if you look at the routes.rb file which defines these paths you will notice

resources :books

Now this route is essentially translated as (you can see by running rake routes)

    books GET    /books(.:format)                   books#index
          POST   /books(.:format)                   books#create
 new_book GET    /books/new(.:format)               books#new
edit_book GET    /books/:id/edit(.:format)          books#edit
     book GET    /books/:id(.:format)               books#show
          PUT    /books/:id(.:format)               books#update
          DELETE /books/:id(.:format)               books#destroy

Notice the book GET /books/:id books#show - which gets matched when you do redirect_to(@book)

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