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Shiny/Leaflet map not rendering

I can't get a leaflet map to render in my shiny app, although the code works by itself outside of shiny. I do not get any errors so I am stuck, any help is appreciated.

Sample Data:

cleanbuffalo <- data.frame(name = c("queen","toni","pepper"), longitude = c(31.8,32,33), latitude = c(-24,-25,-26))

Shiny UI:

vars <- c(
"Pepper" = "pepper",
"Queen" = "queen",
"Toni" = "toni"

shinyUI(navbarPage("Buffalo Migration", id ="nav",

tabPanel("Interactive Map",


leafletOutput("map", width = "100%", height = "100%"),
#Panel Selection
absolutePanel(id = "controls", class = "panel panel-default", fixed = TRUE,
draggable = TRUE, top = 60, left = "auto", right = 20, bottom = "auto",
width = 330, height = "auto",

h2("Buffalo Migration"),
#Buffalo Group selection
"checkGroup", label = h3("Select Buffalo to Follow"),
choices = vars,
selected = 1)

Shiny Server:


shinyServer(function(input, output, session) {
output$map <- renderLeaflet({
leaflet() %>% addTiles() %>% setView(lng = 31.88, lat = -25.02, zoom=1)

Answer Source

It doesn't work because of the height parameter in leafletOutput. Strangely, if you specify it in % the map doesn't show up, but if you use "px" (or a number which will be coerced to a string and have "px" appended) it does work fine.

leafletOutput("map", width = "75%", height = "500px") yields:

enter image description here

I don't know why this happens but if you wanted to specify the height of the leafletOutput in % you could wrap it into a div and give it the appropriate height.

By default the width is set to 100% and the height to 400px. So, you don't have to specify these parameters - I would do it only if I wanted to change the size of the output.

leafletOutput(outputId, width = "100%", height = 400)
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