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Python Question

KIvy Android how to create and read a file

After looking all over google I haven't found a way of accessing Android internal storage from python.

I need to store an image generated by kivy app. I would like my python code to be able to navigate to a root user dir, create an app specific dir (if not found) and save the image there.

Simply creating a file with my device's path doesn't work. Should I be setting permissions for internal storage access? I'm lost with it.

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You have something wrong in your code, you didn't paste the code nor logs, so... let's get it another way.

You can read/write with python just fine in the app folder (/data/data/org.something) with using:

app_folder = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))

To write to SD card you'll need to use App.user_data_dir, which as you can see in the docs on android gets you /sdcard/<app_name>. Not sure if it automatically creates it if it's missing, so it needs checking out probably. However, if it doesn't exist, just create it with python:

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