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iOS Question

Is it possible to use Firebase's Stripe integration for an iOS app?

Firebase released an integration with Stripe so that you don't have to build your own server infrastructure. It can be found here:

The web page specifically says that you can process payments for web apps. But if I am building an iOS app, can I still go about using this integration? If so, how would I go about doing that?

Thanks, in advance.

Answer Source

The sample that in links to shows you how to implement the integration in a way that works across platforms. Stripe is integrated there using Cloud Functions for Firebase. This means it runs on a Google server outside of the client. It can work across iOS, Android, and web. When you write to /stripe_customers/{userId}/charges/{id}, the function is triggered and carries out the payment. And yes, you don't have to build your own server. If you aren't familiar with Cloud Functions for Firebase, then check out these resources:

Cloud Functions for Firebase Usage Guide

Cloud Functions for Firebase samples

Getting Started with Cloud Functions for Firebase - Firecasts

Database Triggers with Cloud Functions for Firebase - Firecasts

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