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SQL Question

Pandas sql update efficiently

I am using python pandas to load data from a MySQL database, change, then update another table. There are a 100,000+ rows so the UPDATE query's take some time.

Is there a more efficient way to update the data in the database than to use the

and run an
query for each row?

Answer Source

The problem here is not pandas, it is the UPDATE operations. Each row will fire its own UPDATE query, meaning lots of overhead for the database connector to handle.

You are better off using the df.to_csv('filename.csv') method for dumping your dataframe into CSV, then read that CSV file into your MySQL database using the LOAD DATA INFILE

Load it into a new table, then DROP the old one and RENAME the new one to the old ones name.

Furthermore, I suggest you do the same when loading data into pandas. Use the SELECT INTO OUTFILE MySQL command and then load that file into pandas using the pd.read_csv() method.

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