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What is alternative before ES6 of getter method existing in ES6

Getter method in ES6 is defined as METHOD & called as ATTRIBUTE ( calling

instead of

Example :

class Job {
this.start=new Date();

get age(){
return new Date()-this.start;

then :

var vm=new Job();
vm.life // call Getter method

My question is : What is the alternative of that before ES6, if any ?

Answer Source

Since ES5 you have been able to define getters and setters using Object.defineProperty. Your ES6 code is essentially syntactic sugar for the following ES5 code:

function Job ( ) {
    this.start = new Date;

Object.defineProperty( Job.prototype, 'age', {
  get: function ( ) { return new Date - this.start; }
} );

Before that some engines had non-standard support for getters, such as Object.prototype.__defineGetter__, which would've be used like this to replicate your functionality:

Job.prototype.__defineGetter__( 'age', function ( ) {
  return new Date - this.start;
} );

SpiderMonkey also had some other ways to do it even earlier:

Job.prototype.age getter = function() {
    return new Date - this.start;

// or, this one, which declares age as a variable in the local scope that acts like a getter

getter function age() { ... };

None of those ways should be used today, except for Object.defineProperty which is still very useful in ES6.

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