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SQL Question

sql oracle in() clause

Is it possible to use

clause in
case.. when ...the
construction in sql query condition expression.

im my case the query is very long:

select r.insurance_package_id,,
max(case r.insurance_package_id when 6 then
when 7 then
when 8 then
when 9 then
when 10 then
when 11 then
when 12 then
when 14 then
when 42 then
when 44 then
when 7 then

end) CPI_Life

there are about 200 id supposed to be used in condition expression: thus, the query would be very brut.

Answer Source

It is possible .Please refer the below snippet

SELECT r.insurance_package_id
            WHEN r.insurance_package_id IN (
                THEN r.NAME
            END) CPI_Life
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