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C Question

Unable to store data in an array

I want to add the elements of a 2D array row wise and then the summation I get want to store in another array. Like:: An array of 3 rows and 3 columns..
{1,2,3}=>6,{2,3,4}=>9,{5,6,7}=>18 and now I wanna store the values(6,9,18) in another array.What should I do?I could only able to sum up row wise.Should I use malloc? Please do help.

void main(){
int i,j,k,sum=0;
int array[3][3]={
int array2[k];
printf("sum is %d in row %d in array1 \n \n",sum,i);


Answer Source

If you know, that your array contains exactly 3 rows, you don't need to use any malloc. Just declare the resulting array like this: int array2[3] and then, store your sums in this array like this: array2[i] = sum; (after inner loop, where j is the iterator). To make your code more predictable, set sum to zero before the inner loop, when you count the sum.

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