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C# Question

DataContext does not contain a constructor with 0 parameters

I am learning with this so bear with me...I am trying to create the DB object to access the table.

AppDatabaseDataContext appDb = new AppDatabaseDataContext();

This gives me an error, so I create the constructor...

public AppDatabaseDataContext()


Now this tells me that
does not contain a constructor that takes 0 parameters. Why?


Answer Source

You need to specify a connection string. If you know it's always going to be the same (for example, localhost) you can just hard-code it in your parameterless constructor:

public AppDatabaseDataContext()
    : this(@"Data Source=localhost;Initial Catalog=Foo;Integrated Security=True")

Notice how we chain the constructor to call the version that consumes a connection string. This way, you can instantiate the data context using the parameterless constructor, and it will use this default connection string.

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