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jqgrid undefined integer? pager not loading

IM using jqgrids on mvc4, I need to get a simple list and display it using Ajax.

When I load the page then grid starts an Ajax call, I have only 2 columns on grid, user_id and name.

When the Json is loaded I get the next error on Google chrome:

Uncaught Typesetter: Cannot read property 'integer' of undefined

and in firefox, firebug:

TypeError: b.jgrid.formatter is undefined

on jquery.jqGrid.src.js:122

And the grid shows an "undefined" msg, also, the current pageer control isnt loading, but the data is

<table id="GridUsuarios"></table>
<div id="PagerUsuarios"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {
url: '@Url.Action("UsuariosGridData","Usuarios")',
datatype: "json",
myType: 'GET',
contentType: "application/json; charset-utf-8",
colNames: ['Usuario', 'Nombre'],
colModel: [
{ name: 'user_id', index: 'user_id', width: 90},
{ name: 'nombre', index: 'nombre', width: 200}
pager: '#PagerUsuarios',
rowNum: 10,
rowList: [10, 20, 30],
viewrecords: true,
height: 'auto',
sortname: 'nombre',
sortorder: 'desc',
caption: "Usuarios",
jsonReader: {
root: "rows",
total: "total",
page: "page",
records: "records",
repeatitems: false,
id: "user_id"

and my controller:

public JsonResult UsuariosGridData(string sidx = "" , string sord = "", int page = 1, int rows = 10)
var resultado = db_hms.Users//.OrderByDescending(ur => ur.id_user)
.Join(db_hms.v_natural_person_short, ur => ur.id_employee, np => np.id_natural_person, (ur, np) => new { Users = ur, Natural_Person = np })//cambiar el idUser por idEmployee la relacion es alrevez XD
.Select(s => new { user_id = s.Users.id_user, nombre = s.Natural_Person.name_full })

int vpage = page;
int vrows = rows;
int counter = (int)Math.Ceiling((float)resultado.Count() / (float)vrows);
switch (sidx)
case "nombre":
if(sord == "desc")
resultado = resultado.OrderByDescending(s => s.nombre).Skip(vrows * vpage).Take(vrows).ToList();
resultado = resultado.OrderBy(s => s.nombre).Skip(vrows * vpage).Take(vrows).ToList(); ;
case "user_id":
if(sord == "desc")
resultado = resultado.OrderByDescending(s => s.user_id).Skip(vrows * vpage).Take(vrows).ToList();
resultado = resultado.OrderByDescending(s => s.user_id).Skip(vrows * vpage).Take(vrows).ToList();
var retornar = new
total = counter,
page = vpage,
records = vrows,
rows = resultado

return Json(retornar, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);


and a smal json example:

{"total":101,"page":1,"records":303,"rows":[{"user_id":"titito","nombre":"EL bonito, tito "},{"user_id":"noro","nombre":"ElMoro, Noro "},{"user_id":"maka","nombre":"Martinez, Macanencio "}]}

Answer Source

One get the error message typically if one don't included required language file grid.locale-XX.js (for example grid.locale-en.js) before jquery.jqGrid.min.js or jquery.jqGrid.src.js. See the example of the usage of jqGrid in the documentation.

Additionally I would recommend you to add gridview: true and autoencode: true option to jqGrid, remove non-existing myType: 'GET' (there are mtype option which default value if "GET"), reduce jsonReader to jsonReader: {repeatitems: false, id: "user_id"}, remove all index properties from colModel (because you use the values the same as the value of name property) and add key: true to definition of 'user_id' column.

Because you don't implemented server side paging of data I would recommend you add additionally loadonce: true option. It allows you to return all data at once from UsuariosGridData and jqGrid will implement client side sorting, paging or optionally filtering/searching of data.

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