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Git Question

How can I install from a git subdirectory with pip?

I have a git repository with many folders, one of them being a python module installable with pip, like this:


Right now I have to do the following to install:

git clone http://server/repo.git
cd repo
pip install mymodule
cd ..
rm -rf repo

Is it possible to install the module directly with pip without explicitly cloning ?

I tried:

pip install git+https://server/repo.git/mymodule/
pip install git+https://server/repo.git:mymodule/

But I get:

IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/tmp/pip-88tlLm-build/setup.py'

Answer Source

There is a pull request regarding this feature, and it seems to have been merged to develop branch a month ago. The syntax is the following:

pip install -e git+https://git.repo/some_repo.git#egg=version_subpkg&subdirectory=repo # install a python package from a repo subdirectory

We probably have to wait for a while until it gets merged to master and is distributed.

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