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jQuery Question

collaps and uncollaps is not working in my script

i have used Master Nested Grid View in my project, it can list all Lots based on its Packages, but Collapse/UnCollapses is not working in my script

the error is .live is not a function which is not supported in my Jquery version and i have changed it into .On but still its not working, please check my script and help me whats wrong??.


$(document).ready(function () {
var size = $("#main #gridT > thead > tr >th").size(); // get total column
$("#main #gridT > thead > tr >th").last().remove(); // remove last column
$("#main #gridT > thead > tr").prepend("<th></th>"); // add one column at first for collapsible column
$("#main #gridT > tbody > tr").each(function (i, el) {
.attr('title',"click for show/hide")

//Now get sub table from last column and add this to the next new added row
var table = $("table", this).parent().html();
//add new row with this subtable
$(this).after("<tr><td></td><td style='padding:5px; margin:0px;' colspan='" + (size - 1) + "'>" + table + "</td></tr>");
$("table", this).parent().remove();
**$(".hoverEff", this).live("click", function () {**
$(this).toggleClass("expand collapse");

//by default make all subgrid in collapse mode
$("#main #gridT > tbody > tr td.expand").each(function (i, el) {
$(this).toggleClass("expand collapse");


The result is
enter image description here

Answer Source

.live is deprecated and removed in jquery version 1.9 and further. use .on instead:

        $(this).toggleClass("expand collapse");
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