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Scrolling to and vertically centering an element inside a div with javascript

I am trying to scroll to an element inside a div, and center it vertically in the div.

I have tried so far this code but no luck.

jQuery(document).on('click', '#scroll_button', function(e) {
var el = $( "#scroll_test" );
var elOffset = el.offset().top;
var elHeight = el.height();
var windowHeight = $("#editor").height();
var offset;

if (elHeight < windowHeight) {
offset = elOffset - ((windowHeight / 2) - (elHeight / 2));
else {
offset = elOffset;

scrollTop: $("#scroll_test").offset().top
}, 1000);

I am using this example, but it is not working as per the fiddle. The scroll gets where the element is at the top of the holding element. I would like to have it in the vertical center.

I also learned that using jQuery to get an element's height maybe inaccurate, and pure js should be used, but I did not have luck with that also.

I started from this question originally.

Answer Source
    scrollTop: offset
  }, 1000);

You forgot to use your conditional offset value.

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