Santiago Santiago - 2 years ago 125
HTML Question

JQuery how to remove "id" from a part of html content

I want to do something like this:

var html = $("#media").html();

The 3th line fails, I want to remove all id's from this part of html but I don't know how to do the selection.


Answer Source

Personally, i would try this:

$('#media')                         // grab the media content
  .clone()                          // make a duplicate of it
  //.find('*')                        // find all elements within the clone
    .removeAttr('id')               // remove their ID attributes
  //.end()                            // end the .find()
  .appendTo('#multimedia-content'); // now add it to the media container

If you'd like #media to lose its ID as well, remove the .find() and .end() lines, otherwise un-comment them.

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