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CSS: search field results are at half width

I have issue with search dropdown results. Take a look at here: - click the magnifying glass in the top menu and try to search. The results are half width of the search form. How can i display it full width?

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<span class="aa-dropdown-menu tether-element tether-enabled tether-abutted tether-abutted-left tether-element-attached-top tether-element-attached-left tether-target-attached-bottom tether-target-attached-left aa-without-0 aa-without-1 aa-without-3 aa-with-2" style="position: absolute; top: 0px; z-index: 99999; left: 0px; transform: translateX(1061px) translateY(218px) translateZ(0px); width: 280px; display: none;"><div class="aa-dataset-0"></div><div class="aa-dataset-1"></div><div class="aa-dataset-2"></div><div class="aa-dataset-3"></div>
<div class="autocomplete-footer">
    <div class="autocomplete-footer-branding">
                    <a href="#" class="algolia-powered-by-link" title="Algolia">
            <img class="algolia-logo" src="" alt="Algolia">

your span got an width=280px;

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