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Understanding Rect in OpenCV C++

I am trying to mark pixels inside a rectangle. The rectangle to be marked is decided in an if-else construct. I am getting the following error on using rectangles which are defined in either of the if-else blocks:
"Assertion failed (0 <= roi.x && 0 < = roi.width && roi.x + roi.width <=m.cols && 0 <=roi.height && roi.y +roi.height <= m.rows)"

Here is the code snippet I am using:

if (faces.size() != 0){r = faces[0];}
if (eyes.size()!=0){r2 = eyes[0];}

if(faces.size() == 0){
cout << "No Face found";
rectangle_face = rectangle_old;
rectangle_inner = rectangle_inner_old;
rectangle_outer = rectangle_outer_old;
else {
pt1.x = r.x;
pt1.y = r.y;
pt2.x = pt1.x + r.width;
pt2.y = pt2.y + r.height;

pt1_inner.x = r.x + (r.width)/3;
pt1_inner.y = r.y + (r.height)/3;
pt1_outer.x = pt1.x;
pt1_outer.y = pt1.y;

pt2_inner.x = pt2.x - (r.width)/3;
pt2_inner.y = pt2.y - (r.height)/3;
pt2_outer.x = pt2.x;
pt2_outer.y = image.rows;

rectangle_face = r;
rectangle_inner = Rect(pt1_inner,pt2_inner);
rectangle_outer = Rect(pt2_outer,pt2_outer);

//rectangle_inner = Rect(pt1_inner,pt2_inner);
//rectangle_outer = Rect(pt2_outer,pt2_outer);

rectangle_old = rectangle_face;
rectangle_outer_old = rectangle_outer;
rectangle_inner_old = rectangle_inner;

// Setting all pixels to possible background first

//It get stuck at the following two lines
cv::Mat1b fg_seed_inside_face = markers(rectangle_inner);
//Marking pixels in order. Note: Order is important here.
cv::Mat1b Prfg_seed_FaceExtended = markers(rectangle_outer);

'faces' is vector of rectangles returned from the detectMultiScale.
What baffles me is that if I declare the rectangle_inner and rectangle_outer outside of the if-else blocks (as is commented out in the code-snippet, right below the else condition), the code works fine for the case where the 'if' condition is not true. So basically I am expected to declare my rectangle_inner and rectangle_outer outside the if-else blocks, which doesn't make sense. Is there a work-around?

Answer Source

When you compute the (x,y) coordinates of your inner and outer points in order to build your rectangles, you have to check that the coordinates you get by adding or subtracting to pt1 or pt2 r.weight or r.height don't get out of the image. This is a fairly common occurrence when your face is close to the edge of your image.

It can be done easily by doing something like

pt1.x = r.x;
pt1.y = r.y;
pt2.x = pt1.x + r.width;
if(pt2.x >= image.cols) //check that coordinate pt2.x doesn't get out of the image
    pt2.x = image.cols;

pt2.y = pt2.y + r.height;
if(pt2.y >= image.rows) //check that coordinate pt2.y doesn't get out of the image
    pt2.y = image.rows;

And repeat the check for each coordinate you compute. When you subtract just check that coordinates are >= 0 and set them to 0 if they aren't.

Hope it helps..

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