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AngularJS Question

use of operators( >,<,==,!=) in ng-class

I want to use Operators to check if value is greater or equal to other number or variable in ng-class, and then apply a style class accordingly. Basically i want to color the div based on their prob.

Is the usage of ng-class correct?
It prints the value of


but the ng-class tag doesn't work. Any reasons?

<div ng-class="(1-apStats.preMappedProbability.toFixed(3) >=0.5) ? 'yellowClass':'redClass'"> {{1-apStats.preMappedProbability.toFixed(3)}} </div>

What am I doing wrong.? Thank you

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In ng-class directive, first you need to give class name then condition like following -

ng-class="{moreBtnGray : condition}"

In your case - you should use two ng-class and maintain condition accordingly.

 <div ng-class="{yellowClass: condition1, redClass:condition2}">{{1-prob.p}} </div>
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