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Android Question

how to build watsapp like chat application in android

Please suggest way to build watsapp like chat application.

In My Android application i have to put Chat Functionality

I already knows following ways.

  1. Chat application by using GCM (Google Cloud Messaging).

  2. Socket Programing

  3. By using our webservice

Is there any other techniques for chatting app?

Answer Source

There are various methods to develop chat application.

1) Using HTTP connection (In this method each and everytime you want to send message, you have to call the webservice and for receive message, you continously need to call the webservice using Timer).

2) Using XMPP Server (XMPP server uses Socket programming, so once a connection will be establish, then it uses that connection each and everytime, you no need to create connection everytime, like HTTP).

3) Using GCM (Using Push Notification you can send and receive messages as well).

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