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Can I map an action method that returns Object in Struts 2

I've used Struts2 to map actions to the methods that return

. Can I use other types? What types are possible to use?

I found that code using a REST plugin

// Handles /orders/{id} GET requests
public HttpHeaders show() {
model = orderManager.findOrder(id);
return new DefaultHttpHeaders("show")

It shows that it maps to method
that returns
. And it's not a
. How it works?


The framework has features that allows to return not only String. You can return an instance of the Result directly from the action method instead of a String. For example

public Result method() {
  //todo implementation is here  

If needed to return multiple types you can set return type as Object.

public Object method() {
    Object resultCode = "success";
    if (something) {
        resultCode = new StrutsResultSupport();
    return resultCode ;

About the rest method HttpHeaders is a interface that doesn't extend Result, so it shouldn't be used as a result type.

to be continued