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Changing the background color of an intellij pane

I've changed the color scheme in intellij so that the background of the Java editor pane is dark and the text is light. I'm not sure if this is directly related, however, in other windows such as the 'run' window, the background stays white but any system messages are displayed as white text. This is obviously a problem as I can't read white text on a white background unless I manually highlight the text to have the background a different color.

Is there a way to change the background color of other panes other than the editor pane in IntelliJ?

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** Edit ** As of Intelli-J Idea 12, Dark is the default! See my points below for versions 10/11

There is a way now - install the 'patch-ide' plugin in combination with the 'color-ide' plugin, and you will get your background colors across all the other panes and throughout the preferences of the application. If you just want to style your project tree also, use 'color-tree'


As a side note, here is an excellent dark color scheme, BlueForest


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