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Android Question

Dynamically add textViews to a linearLayout

I read this somewhere here and I totally lost it, but could use some assistance.

My app is pulling the column names from sqlite into an array. I want to create a textview and edit text for each one (via the size of the array), and I remember reading somewhere that you can treat the textViews variable names like an array, but I don't know where that is now.

So how would I dynamically create a textView and editText for however many listings are in an array?

It was something like

TextView tv[] = new TextView()...


Is this right?

I appreciate your help!

Answer Source

Something like the following should be what you need:

final int N = 10; // total number of textviews to add

final TextView[] myTextViews = new TextView[N]; // create an empty array;

for (int i = 0; i < N; i++) {
    // create a new textview
    final TextView rowTextView = new TextView(this);

    // set some properties of rowTextView or something
    rowTextView.setText("This is row #" + i);

    // add the textview to the linearlayout

    // save a reference to the textview for later
    myTextViews[i] = rowTextView;
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