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youtube-dl python script postprocessing error: FFMPEG codecs aren't being recognized

My python script is trying to download youtube videos with Works fine unless postprocessing is required. The code:

import youtube_dl

options = {
'outtmpl':'%(id)s', #name the file the ID of the video
'postprocessors': [{
'key': 'FFmpegExtractAudio',
'preferredcodec': 'mp3',
'preferredquality': '192',

with youtube_dl.YoutubeDL(options) as ydl:[''])

Below is the output I receive:enter image description here

I get a similar error if I try setting 'preferredcodec' to 'opus' or 'best'.
I'm not sure if this is relevant, but I can run the command line counterpart fine:

youtube-dl -o 'test2.%(ext)s' --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 --no-check-certificate

I've gotten a few clues from the internet and other questions and from what i understand this is most likely an issue with my ffmpeg, which isn't a python module right? Here is my ffmpeg version and configuration:
enter image description here

If the answer to my problem is to add some configuration setting to my ffmpeg please explain how i go about doing that.

Answer Source

This is a bug in the interplay between youtube-dl and ffmpeg, caused by the lack of extension in the filename. youtube-dl calls ffmpeg. Since the filename does not contain any extension, youtube-dl asks ffmpeg to generate a temporary file mp3. However, ffmpeg detects the output container type automatically by the extension and fails because mp3 has no extension.

As a workaround, simply add %(ext)s in your filename template:

'outtmpl': u'%(id)s.%(ext)s',
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