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CoffeeScript Question

Easiest way to check if string is null or empty

I've got this code that checks for the empty or null string. It's working in testing.

eitherStringEmpty= (email, password) ->
emailEmpty = not email? or email is ''
passwordEmpty = not password? or password is ''
eitherEmpty = emailEmpty || passwordEmpty

test1 = eitherStringEmpty "A", "B" # expect false
test2 = eitherStringEmpty "", "b" # expect true
test3 = eitherStringEmpty "", "" # expect true
alert "test1: #{test1} test2: #{test2} test3: #{test3}"

What I'm wondering is if there's a better way than
not email? or email is ''
. Can I do the equivalent of C#
in CoffeeScript with a single call? I could always define a function for it (like I did) but I'm wondering if there's something in the language that I'm missing.

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passwordNotEmpty = not not password

or shorter:

passwordNotEmpty = !!password
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