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padding within in a div

I simply can't figure this out: I have a div that is centered on screen with a width of 60%. Inside this div I have 3 more divs that float left with the width of 33% and have a gray bg color. The divs are filled with text and one image per div. Each div should now take 1/3 space inside the "maindiv". This works fine but as soon as I give my 3 "contentdivs" a padding so the text gets seperated a bit the third div wanders below the others. I also want a margin around my 3 divs so there is a gap between all the divs. But this only works if I give the divs a width of like 31%. As soon as I shrink my browser though, the third one pops up below the others again.

How it looks now:
Current state

How it looks with a width of 33.33%
enter image description here

How can fix this? I mean I set the divs to a relative width by setting the size in %. So the divs should just shrink as soon as I shrink my browser window. I tried to surround all the divs by other divs and messed around with margins and paddings but it just won't work.

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Most likely it’s box model’s fault. Paddings, margins and borders can be added together in different ways. Add box-sizing:border-box to the container and its elements. Most certainly this brings about what you intended to do, and width:33.3333% wil work out as expected.

Adding margin still breaks the item? There’s another great thing called calc(). Assumed you have a margin of 8px, that’s just a few pixels too much. With calc(), you can subtract the additional margin like this:

.item{ width:calc(33.3333vw - 8px); }

Note that there must be whitespace around the minus. Try it and include your margin.

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