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Apache Camel MockEndpoint mock the output

Let's say I have an apache camel route like this:


And then, on my unit tests, I'm doing something like:

public class RouteTest extends CamelTestSupport {
public boolean isDumpRouteCoverage() { return true }

public boolean isUsedAdviceWith() { return true }

@EndpointInject(uri = "mock:mockTransformationBean")
protected MockEndpoint mockTransformationBean;

@EndpointInject(uri = "mock:mockPersistenceBean")
protected MockEndpoint mockPersistenceBean;

public void testRoute() throws Exception {
context.getRouteDefinition("aRouteId").adviceWith(context, new AdviceWithRouteBuilder() {
public void configure() throws Exception {



// Asserts the expectedMessageCount

// Send a message with template.sendBody...



How could I unit test this route properly, instead of just ensure the messageCount and received body (on the first bean).

Like, how could I mock the response of a MockEndpoint as I could do when using Mockito for unit testing:


Cheers, Nikolas

Answer Source

After some research, documentation reading and so on, I come up with an acceptable solution for this:


So later on, I can just do an assert like:


This way, it is possible to ensure not just if the beans and endpoints are receiving the proper body / header, but if any transformation in between the route is being done properly as well.

So it is possible to test the input and output of the code from a unit point of view, instead integrating it with a lot of other components unnecessary in an unit test.

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