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Android TimePickerDialog set time issue (Lollipop 5.0.1 on Samsung Note4)

I'm having a weird behavior. I've created a custom

to handle custom minute intervals (5, 10, 15) to display on the minute spinner.

The problem is that now, on Note 4 with Lollipop 5.0.1 I'm facing a strange problem:
If I try to set the time with the keyboard, the numbers on the minute spinner disappears and I cannot enter any value; on the hour spinner there is no problem instead.

On the logcat, when I click on the minute spinner, I'm having these two warnings (maybe related):

09-15 10:18:26.790: W/IInputConnectionWrapper(19382): getTextBeforeCursor on inactive InputConnection
09-15 10:18:26.790: W/IInputConnectionWrapper(19382): getCursorCapsMode on inactive InputConnection

This is my code for the custom

public void onAttachedToWindow() {
try {
Class<?> classForid = Class.forName("$id");
Field timePickerField = classForid.getField("timePicker");
this.timePicker = (TimePicker) findViewById(timePickerField.getInt(null));
Field field = classForid.getField("minute");

NumberPicker mMinuteSpinner = (NumberPicker) timePicker.findViewById(field.getInt(null));
mMinuteSpinner.setMaxValue((60 / time_interval) - 1);
// List<String> displayedValues = new ArrayList<String>();
for (int i = 0; i < 60; i += time_interval) {
displayedValues.add(String.format("%02d", i));
mMinuteSpinner.setDisplayedValues(displayedValues.toArray(new String[0]));

Field numberpickerField = classForid.getField("numberpicker_input");
EditText mInputText = (EditText) mMinuteSpinner.findViewById(numberpickerField.getInt(null));

} catch (Exception e) {

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On Android 5.0.1, on Samsung Note4 at least, in my case there is a problem with the values passed to the timePicker.

mMinuteSpinner.setDisplayedValues(displayedValues.toArray(new String[0]));

The values passed to setDisplayValues() need to be normal numbers {"0","1","2","3"..} and not 2digit numbers {"00", "01", "02"..}to work properly.

Just for laughing a little bit more...

Lollipop 5.1.1, tested again on Note4, doesn't have this strange behaviour

Hope to have been useful for someone. Cheers

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