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Bash Question

Flattern sub dirs & prepend file name with dir name using bash

This works:

ls -SF data/*/*/* | xargs -I % cp % migrations/db.tmp/

But I wish to prepend the filename with the directory name"

data/folder1/subfolder1/file1.js -> data/folder1-subfolder1-file1.js

The next step I tried is:(but could not get it to work)

ls -SF migrations/db/*/*/* | xargs -I % cp % migrations/db.tmp/$(basename %)-%

Any ideas?

Answer Source

Don't use ls, especially with the -F option:

cd data
for f in */*/*; do cp "$f" "${f//\//-}"; done

Here's a much trickier method

cd data
printf "%s\n" */*/* | sed 'h; s,/,-,g; x; G; s/\n/ /; s/^/cp /'

That will output a bunch of cp commands. Pipe into | sh to execute them.

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