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How To Test if Type is Primitive

I have a block of code that serializes a type into a Html tag.

Type t = typeof(T); // I pass <T> in as a paramter, where myObj is of type T
tagBuilder.Attributes.Add("class", t.Name);
foreach (PropertyInfo prop in t.GetProperties())
object propValue = prop.GetValue(myObj, null);
string stringValue = propValue != null ? propValue.ToString() : String.Empty;
tagBuilder.Attributes.Add(prop.Name, stringValue);

This works great, except I want it to only do this for primitive types, like
etc, and other types that aren't primitive but can be serialized easily like
. I want it to ignore everything else like Lists & other custom types.

Can anyone suggest how I do this? Or do I need to specify the types I want to allow somewhere and switch on the property's type to see if it's allowed? That's a little messy, so it'd be nice if I there was a tidier way.

Answer Source

You can use the property Type.IsPrimitive, but be carefull because there are some types that we can think that are primitives, but they aren´t, for example Decimal and String.

Edit 1: Added sample code

Here is a sample code:

if (t.IsPrimitive || t == typeof(Decimal) || t == typeof(String) || ... )
    // Is Primitive, or Decimal, or String

Edit 2: As @SLaks comments, there are other types that maybe you want to treat as primitives, too. I think that you´ll have to add this variations one by one.

Edit 3: IsPrimitive = (Boolean, Byte, SByte, Int16, UInt16, Int32, UInt32, Int64, UInt64, IntPtr, UIntPtr, Char, Double, and Single), Anther Primitive-Like type to check (t == typeof(DateTime))

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