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Apache Configuration Question

php page in the wwwroot folder

I am trying to upload my localhost site that I am making to the live server MySite Before I did that I made a test with a "hello world" index.php

When I place my index.php on the following path the page is working:

not under wwwroot

but that is not in the wwwroot.

When I place the index.php in the wwwroot folder I do not get to the hello world page. I just get the domain page.

How can this be? I also noticed that my page should be dangerous in the URL bar. It is just a portfolio, there is nothing dangerous on that site :)

Answer Source

According to discussion in comment, You need to set/change your DOCUMENT_ROOT directive as below

DOCUMENT_ROOT /customers/0/f/c/


DOCUMENT_ROOT /customers/0/f/c/

If you are not managing your server, you can ask hosting for setup.

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