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Javascript Question

html catch event when user is typing into a text input

Im just wondering how I go about catching the event when the user is typing into a text input field on my web application.

Scenario is, I have a contacts listing grid. At the top of the form the user can type the name of the contact they are trying to find. Once there is more than 1 character in the text input I want to start searching for contacts in the system which contain those characters entered by the user. As they keep typing the data changes.

All it is really is a simple type ahead type functionality (or autocomplete) but I want to fire off data in a different control.

I can get the text out of the input once the input has lost focus fine, but this doesnt fit the situation.

Any ideas?


Answer Source

Use the keyup event to capture the value as the user types, and do whatever it is you do to search for that value :

$('input').on('keyup', function() {
     if (this.value.length > 1) {
          // do search for this.value here
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