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React JSX Question

(React) Can't have content hide on hover?

So I have this code here, where I am essentially trying to hide some icon, when I hover over its parent div. Or make it visible, but either way...

export class ProgramDescription extends React.Component {

constructor(props) {

showIcon() { = 'visible';

hideIcon() { = 'hidden';

componentDidMount() { = 'hidden';

render() {
return (
<div className="ui one cards">
<div className="card">
<div className="content">
<div className="header">Program description</div>
<div className="description package" onMouseEnter={ this.showIcon }
onMouseLeave={ this.hideIcon }>
<i ref="edit" id="edit-icon" className="edit icon"/>
<p id="desc">
Lorem Ipsum</p>

But apparently im getting this error, whenever I hover:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'edit' of undefined

Even though I do have an element with ref='edit'. The code for the componentDidMount() function does work though, so I am assuming that the references in both showIcon() and hideIcon() are generated at the start, before the 'edit' element is even rendered. I think thats dumb of js to just "precache" and not read my functions "as-is".

Anyways, how do I fix this? Something about states?

Answer Source

its because you didn't bind the functions so its context is of event instead of react, you can bind functions it in two ways

1.constructor ( Preferred way )

this.showIcon = this.showIcon.bind(this)

then in Jsx use

  1. in JSX



    //instead of


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