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Undefined variable in creating new object error with constructor

I am a 2nd Year IT student just started with OOP in PHP and i'm really struggling to get the hang of it, I have been coding in a procedural way for years so please understand making the switch to OOP is extremely challenging, and I am yet to see the benefit of it, anyway just had to get that of my chest.

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According to the above question I came above with the above code,, which I tweaked to infinity, my prescribed book is also not very helpful


class Registration{
private $user_type;
private $user_name;

function __construct($user_type, $user_name){

function setUser($user_type, $user_name){
if($user_type == "admin"){
$user_name = "Peter";
$msg = "Hi administrator ".$user_name;
else if($user_type="member"){
$user_name = "Ntubele123!";
$msg = "Hi member ".$user_name;

function getUser(){
return $this->user_type;
}//function getter


$userInfo = new Registration($user_type, $user_name);
$user = $userInfo->setUser("admin", "Peter");
$user = $userInfo->getUser();


  • I suspect a lot is wrong with the above code, if someone could be kind enough to let me know where I am going wrong and what I should consider changing, keeping beginner friendly in mind, it would be greatly appreciated.


Undefined variable user_type & user_name

Answer Source
$userInfo = new Registration($user_type, $user_name);

In this line $user_type, $user_name is undefined because no variables declared with this name

So declare the variable at first than create object of Registration class

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