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jQuery Question

Hide not working when table is present

I've got a website which has a table with lots of data in it, in the head of the page I have the following code: -

$(function() {

And when my main table has a
<P> test </P>
in there it correctly hides this (I have a button which then shows this and I know that works).

However, if I enter a sub table into that table between the P's like so

<td colspan="3">

The table is not hidden... What am I missing? I also tried


But no dice here either...

Answer Source

This is cause because you have an invalide HTML.

The <p> tag cannot contain an other block inside, it is a text tag with the properties of a block. Once the broswer run hover a block tag inside the <p>, it close automaticly the <p> and opan the new tag.

If you inspect the dom here :, you'll see the <p> is empty.

The solution is to use a <div> instead.

This answer give you good links and a proper explanation.

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