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unable to install R library in azure ml

I have been trying to install a machine learning package that I can use in my R script.

I have done placed the tarball of the installer inside a zip file and am doing

install.packages("src/packagename_2.0-3.tar.gz", repos = NULL, type="source")

from within the R script. However, the progress indicator just circles indefinitely, and it's not installed in environment.

How can I install this package?

is the package I'm trying to install and
is the file I'm using.

Answer Source

You cannot use the tarball packages. If you are on windows you need to do the following:

Once you install a package (+ it's dependencies) it will download the packages in a directory

C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Local\Temp\some directory name\downloaded_packages

These will be in a zip format. These are the packages you need.

Or download the windows binaries from cran.

Next you need to put all the needed packages in one total zip-file and upload this to AzureML as a new dataset.

in AzureML load the data package connected to a r-script

install.packages("src/", lib = ".", repos = NULL, verbose = TRUE)
library(ada, lib.loc=".", verbose=TRUE)

Be sure to check that all dependent packages are available in Azure. Rpart is available.

For a complete overview, look at this msdn blog explaining it a bit better with some visuals.

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