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Git: Prevent commits in master branch

(For simplicity) I have a

branch and a
in my Git-repo.
I want to ensure the
branch is always working, so all work I do should be in the

However, when I merge my changes in with a
merge, I tend to stay in the
branch, and just continue working in it (because I forget to checkout my

Can I put up a rule for the
branch, which states I can't do commits, and fast-forward merges, but only
merges from another branch?

This must work for private hosted repositories (ergo not GitHub and BitBucket).

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Yes, it is possible. You must create pre-commit hook which rejects commits to master branch. Git doesn't call pre-commit hook when you call merge command, so this hook will be rejecting only regular commits.

  1. Go to your repository.
  2. Create file .git/hooks/pre-commit with following content:

    branch="$(git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD)"
    if [ "$branch" == "master" ]; then
      echo "You can't commit directly to master branch"
      exit 1
  3. Make it executable:

    $ chmod +x .git/hooks/pre-commit

To disable fast-forwad merges you must also add following option to your .git/config file:

[branch "master"]
    mergeoptions = --no-ff

If you want also protect master branch on your remote, check this answer: How to restrict access to master branch on git