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Fastest way to copy one vector into another conditionally

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I have a vector source vector S and I want to create a destination vector D which has only those elements of S which satisfy a particular condition(say element is even). Note that source vector is constant vector.

I can think of two STL algorithms to do this :

  • copy_if

  • remove_if

In both methods, I will need to make sure the destination vector D is of big enough size. So, I will need to create initially vector D of the same size as S. Also, in both methods, I want to compact the vector D to be of the same length as the number of elements in it. I donot know which one of them is faster or more convenient but I dont know any better way to copy a vector conditionally ?

Answer Source

Well, you could use back_inserter:

std::vector<int> foo = {...whatever...};
std::vector<int> bar;
std::back_insert_iterator< std::vector<int> > back_it (bar);

std::copy_if (foo.begin(), foo.end(), back_it, MyPredicate);

or count element:

std::vector<int> foo = {...whatever...};
int mycount = count_if (foo.begin(), foo.end(), MyPredicate);
std::vector<int> bar (mycount);

std::copy_if (foo.begin(), foo.end(), bar.begin(), MyPredicate );

A third solution:

std::vector<int> foo = {...whatever...};
std::vector<int> bar (foo.size());

auto it = std::copy_if (foo.begin(), foo.end(), bar.begin(), MyPredicate );
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