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Jquery Datatables event handler not working with paging

I have table with last column is an element to get entire row data,

When I use paging, only the first page that triggers my event handler, page 2 - 3 - 4 and so on do not trigger my event handler.

When I disable paging, all records trigger my event handler.

Below is the javascript for initialization and the event handler

var OTkaryawan = $('#table_karyawan').dataTable({ });

$(".select_row").click(function() {
// var row = $(this).closest('tr')[0];
// var aData = OTkaryawan.fnGetData(row);
// alert(aData[0]);

Below is the html for my table

<table id="table_karyawan" style="border: 1px #ccc solid;">
<th>Nama Lengkap</th>
<th>Lokasi Kerja</th>
<?php foreach ($master_karyawan as $key => $value): ?>
<td><?= $value['nik']; ?></td>
<td><?= $value['nama']; ?></td>
<td><?= $value['lokasikerja']; ?></td>
<td><?= $value['departemen']; ?></td>
<td><?= $value['jabatan']; ?></td>
<td class="select_row">Select</td>
<?php endforeach; ?>

Below is a jsfiddle demonstrating this behavior.

Answer Source

Try attaching an event listener using the .on() function like this.

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