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Angular 2 - FormControl setValue 'onlySelf' parameter

Trying to understand what the 'onlySelf' parameter does when passing to setValue.

this.form.get('name').setValue('', { onlySelf: true })

The documentation says: "If onlySelf is true, this change will only affect the validation of this FormControl and not its parent component. This defaults to false."

However I'm struggling to understand this. Still fairly new to the using Angulars' model driven forms.

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Angular2 by default will check for the form control/form group validity cascadingly up to the top level whenever there's an update to any form element value, unless you say no. onlySelf is the tool to help you do that.

Say you have a loginForm that has a username field and a password field, both of them are required, like this:

this.userNameControl = this.formBuilder.control('Harry', Validators.required);
this.passwordControl = this.formBuilder.control('S3cReT', Validators.required);
this.loginForm = this.formBuilder.group({
  userName: this.userNameControl,
  password: this.passwordControl

After this code, this.loginForm.valid is true.

If you set the value of a control using the default setting (onlySelf = false), Angular2 will update the control's validity as well as form group's validity. For example, this:


will result in

this.passwordControl.valid === false
this.loginForm.valid === false

However, this:

this.passwordControl.setValue('', { onlySelf: true });

will only change passwordControl's validity only:

this.passwordControl.valid === false
this.loginForm.valid === true
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