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Google Maps API warning: SignedInDeprecated

I use Google Maps JavaScript API V3.
Since some days, I get this error in the console :

Google Maps API warning: SignedInDeprecated https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/error-messages#signed-in-deprecated

But I can't get any informations about this error on SO or with the link provided.

Does anyone have an explanation?

UPDATE : For some reason, this error doesn't appear in the French version, hence my question.

Answer Source

The link says:

SignedInDeprecated Warning

The signed_in parameter is deprecated and will be ignored in future versions of the Google Maps JavaScript API. It won't prevent the Google Maps JavaScript API from working after signed-in mode has retired, but the behavior of your application may change, if you rely on current signed-in features.

Please review your application and see Signed-in Maps | Google Maps JavaScript API for details about the upcoming changes.

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